Being clear, and concise isn’t easy. Here are 3 simple ways to communicate briefly that you can start using at work today.

Being clear, and concise isn’t easy. Many communications coaches talk about the importance of always being clear and concise. But not many show exactly HOW to be brief, or how to summarize things clearly.

To avoid putting myself in the “why but not how” category here are 3 really simple…

Make your job easier with these simple ways to talk about deadlines.

How often do IT teams accept impossible deadlines? Too often. This is bad for the IT team because it increased workload and stress. It is also bad for the business stakeholders who end up missing their delivery dates.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The business says a solution must be ready by X date. The…

Chris Fenning

Award-winning author of "The First Minute" | Helping IT and Business teams communicate better | Husband & Dad |

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